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Mineral and Water Function Essay

Iron is found in red meats meats poultry fish egg

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body which produces energy metabolism. Iron is found in red meats, meats, poultry, fish, egg yolks, shellfish, leafy greens, and dried fruits; iron enhances cereals and breads as well as invigorated cereals. Zinc is part of various enzymes, required for creating protein and inherent material. Zinc plays its part in taste discernment, healing of wounds, regular fetal growth, creation of semen, usual development and carnal development and resistant system well-being. Zinc is found inwhole grains, vegetables, meats, poultry and fish. Iodine is originate in the thyroid hormones, supports normalize evolution, progress and absorption. Iodine is found in dairy products, breads, iodized salt, foods grown in iodine rich soils, and seafood. Selenium works with antioxidants. Selenium is found in grains, meats ansd seafood. Copper, share numerous enzymes , helping metabolite iron. Copper is found in nuts, legumes, whole grains, drinking water, meats, and nuts. Another which comes from many enzymes is manganese found in a extensive
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list of produce. Fluoride has to do with aiding development of bones and teeth; aiding in prevention of tooth deterioration. Fluoride is added to most consumable water, most teas and fish. Chromium, along-side insulin aids in regulating blood sugar planes. It is found in cheeses, grains, nuts, unrefined foods and yeast. Molybdenum, part of
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Iron is found in red meats meats poultry fish egg yolks...

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