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CLEP Principles of Management 1

93 94 human resource planning an organization must

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94. Human Resource Planning , an organization must decide on whether to adopt a policy of promoting from within, or to simply promote the best candidates it can find. The advantage of promoting from within is that it increases morale. The big advantage of a policy of promoting from within the organization is that it is good for employee morale. Other than that, it puts the organization at a disadvantage because it severely restricts the pool of qualified, potential candidates for a position. HR Planning boils down to determining the personnel needs for a company--i.e. the kind, skills, and number of people needed in the future, and how to meet this need. HR is simple--determining the personnel needs for a company. Manpower planning is the planning portion of the staffing function, and involves determining the kind of people which will be required in the future, and how to insure that they will be available 95. 96. Span of control - number of subordinates reporting to a given superior. A wide span of managerial control is advisable when the organization has established operating procedures because managers who have a wide span of control have a large number of employees answering to them. 97. 98. Job enlargement – ( horizontal job loading ) workers being given a greater variety of tasks to perform (not necessarily more challenging) which should make the work more interesting. Job enlargement involves adding to the position horizontally, by requiring more duties of a similar level of skill. While job enrichment, expands a position vertically with responsibility and depth, job enlargement involves simply adding more work. For example, giving a dishwasher a broader range of things to wash is job enlargement. 99. 100. Job enrichment – (( vertical job loading ) involves workers being given a wider range of more complex, interesting and challenging tasks surrounding a complete unit of work. This should give a greater sense of achievement. Job enrichment involves adding vertically to a job by giving the position planning and controlling responsibilities. Job enrichment is designed to increase worker motivation by giving them responsibility , and opportunities for professional growth and achievement. In many cases, a job can get so specialized that it becomes boring. Job enrichment is often a solution for this, and is basically the opposite of job specialization; it involves giving additional responsibilities. Job enrichment involves increasing the depth of the job--not giving just more work, but adding job planning and controlling elements. This is in contrast to job enlargement , which involves just adding more of the same work--the worker gets no satisfaction out of job enlargement, but job enrichment can make a job more satisfying. 101.
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93 94 Human Resource Planning an organization must decide...

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