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northlake case study

The company would probably suffer major losses but

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come up with a solution to resolve everything. The company would probably suffer major losses, but then again people are not being ethical and I don’t think that I should stick around and witness what’s being done without speaking out about it. The company is doing damages to the community around them and I think that they should be stopped before it’s too late. I do not understand how as a professional organization, they find it okay for them to endanger people’s lives and let others clean up their mess. It sounds to me like they are not fit for the job and irresponsible and therefore should be shut down. Some people might disagree with me and say that telling the truth is not necessarily the smart thing to do when dealing with the situation because if the company gets shut down, then I won’t have a job no more. I know that as a father of three it would be difficult to not have any type of income coming in but there are other jobs out there. My decision to tell is the right thing to do because as member of the company I have the responsibility to from engaging in any conduct that would prejudice carrying out duties ethically. The fact that Frank designation can be revoked if anybody was to find out about this fraudulent attempt is too risky and should make him want to end everything without hesitation.
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