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Q37 the author of the passage mentions the british

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Q37: The author of the passage mentions the British government’s shares in the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company most probably in order to A. demonstrate the British enterprise in Iran was controlled by the British government B. contrast British-run businesses in Iran with Iranian-run businesses in Iran 29
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C. show how joint British and Iranian enterprises were encouraged by the British government D. illustrate a point about the financial difficulties faced by British businesses in Asia E. suggest a reason for Iranians’ perception of the role British government played in British business Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q38: Many residents of Calovia are committed to using products containing recycled materials. Soon these consumers will get help in identifying such products from a book being published by the Calovian government. The book offers a comprehensive listing, by product type and brand, of goods sold in Calovia that contain recycled material. Therefore, publication of the book will almost certainly increase the use of products containing recycled materials in Calovia. Which of the following, if true, most strengthens the argument? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q39. Unearthed in China, fossils of feathered dinosaurs offer the most dramatic evidence yet discovered of the close evolutionary relationship between dinosaurs and birds . 30
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q40. Many people suffer an allergic reaction to certain sulfites, including those that are commonly added to wine as preservatives. However, since there are several wine makers who add sulfites to none of the wines they produce, people who would like to drink wine but are allergic to sulfites can drink wines produced by
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