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Fire and forget the activity sends the message and

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Fire-and-forget – the activity sends the message and then forgets about it How Does the Interaction of Business Process Elements Affect Cost and Added Value? o Brute force approach – add people, add equipment o Change process structure without changing resource allocations o You can do both of the above ^ Changing a Process by Adding Resources o Determining value change generates computer simulation and financial analysis Changing a Process by Altering Process Structure o Businesses can investigate the impact of process-structure changes using simulation or other types of analyses. What Role Do Information Systems Play in Business Processes? o They implement business process activities. o They are entirely manual, automated, or mixed information systems IS Alternatives for Implementing the Register Clients Activity o Entirely manual – using word processor to record data, prepare documents of client roster and special requests list o Use spreadsheet or database application to accomplish above activities, plus determine trip availability, collect deposits and trip payments o Entirely automated – create register client system Clients use internet to register and pay for trips Note there is a cost to entirely automate Information Systems for Facilitating Linkages Among Activities
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