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Being able to encompass my strong beliefs on a

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specific assignment gives me freedom. Being able to encompass my strong beliefs on a certain topic will allow me to become more engaged in the assignment, causing me to put more natural effort into it and ultimately creating a very high quality assignment without putting too much thought into it. Although I enjoy creativity for many reasons, there also needs to be structure to support it. Knowing that I am a person who lives for organization, guidance must be present in order for me to work on a task. To be able to have instructions and directions in achieving a high grade, that is what I aim for first. Once I know the procedures and requirements of receiving a high mark, then I can feel free to explore (if allowed). I enjoy knowing that I am doing an assignment correctly, and once I am sure of the
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instructions and requirements, then I can work freely, though still under the rules and conditions provided. I am a person who believes that hard work should achieve success. I like knowing that if I follow x, y, and z, then I am directing myself towards an A+. However, if the assignment is entirely black and white, then it will become difficult and even dreadful to get me engaged in such a task. With imagination backed up by structure, I would be receiving the benefits from both sides of the spectrum. This strategy allows a person to know what needs to be done while at the same time giving a person the opportunity to put his or her own thoughts and ideas into a given project. This way, a person can become more unintentionally engaged with the project and find it more fun rather than something that needs to be finished. Therefore, having structure with a sense of imagination is the best way I perform at executing strategies.
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Being able to encompass my strong beliefs on a certain...

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