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I 5t wffizi ti dt that the kids would have round eyes

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., I '??,/,:5;t' W\ffi'z*i t>i; d\t^\ that the kids would have round eyes? *--ffio (W 7. Spongeir*b's aunt is falrrous squarepants i'ellow who aiso has i.rave a chiid with a reguiar long c;uestion. that the kids would be oval eYes? J " for her itty. bitty stubby nor:*! She recentlv met a cute which rs a recessive trait. Would it be possible tor them to w'hy not / Cre:te a Punnett square to help you answer this # :,:t ., ..*,y 8. if StongeEob's aunt fi.jirr-t Io r;Iarr]' in cltrer cuestion. lcng noses, 'vhat type of f.:llow wi:uld she a Punnett sqr'lare to heip you answ*r this 6 lto n'to z\fla v I loq @ roI( , -) L- J desrrih:C in #7 to give irer the '.iranted cirildrerl u'ith best cnanses'? Create Ur- r.LLdJ fa b c h. Sp<lngeBr-rb'S rnother is sr: proud of her son and his ne'"rr wife' SpongeSusie' as thev are expecting a little spcnge. She knows that they have a 50?o chance of having a iittle roundpants, but is also hoping the new arrival ,..viil be blue-(a recessive traiti like spongesusie and Luny members of her family' If spongeBob is heterozygous for his yellow body coior, wliat are ttre chances that the baby sponge will be blue? Create a Punnett tOY" to frgln you answer this quesuon' _i=r,Ttm \o'/, ,b(,e [r I rwl 'h,1,,,* T. T,imf e ZCC1 ; I t tp : /l s c i{ nc :; Po t. netl
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