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Facebook is my new best friend

Furthermore supported that social networking and

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furthermore supported that “social networking and cyber technology are having a negative effect on the family structure” (Par 2). Families no longer enjoy the bonding time they usually would have. They are exposed to “countless hours of internet surfing” which has a huge effect on the daily lives since they would not be aware of what is happening in each other life (Moore Par 2).
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Similar to Mike Keefe’s visual, figure 2 by Fil Dunsky illustrated the same concepts. In the visual, a family is sitting together with a device with his/her own. It can be implied that it is a family get together or some type of event. The visual offers a prime example of social networking’s effect because it illustrates the isolation between each individual developed through heavy addiction of social networking. Instead of interacting face to face, everyone is on their devices in their own little world. The two boys on the couch both seems to be on Twitter socializing with one another, even though they are next to each other. These days, it is very difficult to plan an event with everyone’s schedule. It is such a waste to plan a big event where everyone is on their devices instead of talking with one another. We can all chat via our technology advances at home instead of coming out to see each other. The visual implied that the facts that people are “emotionally connected to being tied in with their friends 24 hours a day, if they get a text, they feel obligated to respond in seconds” (Harpaz Par 17). In the same case, the characters in the visual feel the obligation to be apart of the networking process at all time, endlessly giving up their time on the websites. What are some things you can do to solve this issue? Some possible solutions are “set time limits on cyber activities” and “ensure that the social networking sites are age appropriate” (Moore Par 3). By setting time limit, it will balance out both the time with the family and time on the Internet. As for the restrictions, it limits the Internet uses for the younger users and makes sure that they are not always online. Through the research, it is shown that social networking has not only impacted teenagers also families. However, we can change this by finding time to spend more with the family and less time on the Internet. Instead of going on Facebook to talk to your friend, call up and meet one another. In order to stay cyber-safe, everyone should “keep [his/her] passwords private” (Polsky, Lam Par 9). Even if the person is your best friend or your significant
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others, do not share your password. There are many cases where people fight; explicit pictures and messages get forwarded to others. There is a way to also help other people stay safe by report abuse on Facebook if you see or are a victim of abusive behavior” (Polsky, Lam Par 9). Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and always go by the motto of “think twice before you
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furthermore supported that social networking and cyber...

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