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In addition to its international presence giant

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In addition to its international presence, Giant actively sponsors several national teams, including those of Taiwan, 'Japan and china. Giant also sponsors professional and amateur teams as well as individual racers in the United States, Australia, Canada, Belgium, New Z,ealand and South Eait Asia. As a part of the 'Total Best Value' approach Giant strives to provide consumers with the best-designed and best quality bicycles. The Giant XtC NRS-1 was an effort in this direction. As a winner of Mountain Biking magazine's 2001 .'Bike of the Year" the xtc NRS-1 was acclaimed for its superior combination of quality, value and performance. . By providing consumers with a combination of features that exceeded those of other competitively priced bicycles, Qiant was recognized as a bicycle brand that offered superior value for money. In the 15 years since Giant began overseas ^^l^mksasthenumberoneimported ) ;::J,'1Jj::^:straria, canada, south Arrica, chire, Argentina and South East Asia. Globally, the Giant brand is already one of the most widely recognized bicycle brands. MS-g1 12
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R&D and Innovation Strategy Just like an automobile manufacturer, Giant emphasises on R&D to develop its high quality models. In the early stages, Giant centralised the global R&D to reach economies of scale. Most of the resources were concentrated in a single centre (at Taiwan), which helped in preventing duplication of effort and leakage of ideas and in providing knowledge to foreign research departments. To cater to the rapid changes in consumer preferences and for thre sake of high responsiveness, Giant has now set up local R&D support offices' in a number of key locations. The allocation of production, R&D, and sourcing aids based in Taiwan, China and the Netherlands allows Giant to gain the low cost advantage by high coordination. These R&D support offices generate ideas and then transfer to the major centre (Taiwan) in charge of co-ordination. At th"_ same time, Giant can monitor the cultural differences and local market demand ' condition. This R&D strategy has propelled Giant to become the most innovative Bicycle - Company. The following are some of Giant's most talked about achievements : o Giant innovated the world's first mass-produced carbon fiber composite bicycle frame in Lg87 and was the first company to mass-produce bicycles using chromoly instead of steel. MS-91 13 P.T.o.
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Giant's Carbon Composite Innovation team works closely with leading carbon composite bicycle designers such as Mike Burrows to develop a line of carbon composite bicycles and accessories. This collaboration has resulted in a highly successful, carbon composite MCR cycle. The award winning MCR road bicycle was presented with Business Week's 'Best New Product of the Year' for L998. The Giant TCR Compact Road frame is a combination of unique product design and an extremely lightweight aluminium construction, and at one kilo '(2'2 pounds) is in, fact the lightest production road frame available today. The Giant Morph /FlexX, winner of numerous industrial design awards, is. the first bicycle designed to meet the
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In addition to its international presence Giant actively...

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