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Quote incorporation guidelines rule 1 he saysshe says

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Quote incorporation Guidelines Rule #1: He says/She says, Before they drove home in silence, Mark says, “I’m a tough punk, Bryon, but I ain’t dumb” (124) When a verb suggesting speech precedes a quote, place a comma after the verb. Rule #2: Part of Sentence’s Natural Flow
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While Cathy and Bryon were at the drive in they “looked across the street, watching some little twelve- and thirteen-year-old teeny-boppers make fools of themselves” (100). Note that NO punctuation precedes a quote in this instance, as the quote simply and logically fits into and COMPLETES your own sentence. Rule #3: Colon Bryon is clearly changing while Mark’s growth is slower: “He didn’t understand why I didn’t dig fights anymore” (132). In this case, the colon may be considered to mean “as follows.” Checklist for Paragraph ______ Strong Topic Statement that relates to question ______ Developed with appropriate details that relate to question ______ Supported with at least 2 direct quotes from the novel ______ Smooth incorporation of quotes ______ Avoids junk words ______ Transitions Used ______ Closing Idea ______ Submitted to turnitin.com ______MLA format This assignment is worth 25 points.
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Quote incorporation Guidelines Rule 1 He saysShe says...

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