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Dantes inferno discussion

It was just really surprising in comparison to the

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to be where he is in charge and has complete control. It was just really surprising. In comparison to the other horrors in the story, I honestly feel like the punishment given to those in the Ninth Circle was nothing compared to the other punishments. There are people who were drowning in great amounts of bile and boiling in lakes of blood. Satan was just chewing on people who deserved their punishments. It was kind of a letdown to me because I was looking for more of a big finale type of finish. Even with the discovery that Satan was still actually being punished after being kicked out of Heaven, his punishment still seemed a bit below par. Since he had to suffer, I would have expected for him to suffer a bit more than just being frozen in the same way that lots of other people were suffering in that same circle of Hell.
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4/2/2012 It brings down the level of importance that he might have previously been thought to have in that area of the earth. Satan was depicted in some strange but interesting ways. It was said that in Dante’s Inferno that he had three heads. I felt like this was a type of variation on the Holy Trinity. It was
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