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d.supporting documents 7.The following officers are authorized to conduct preliminary investigation on cases falling within their jurisdiction, EXCEPT: a.Provincial prosecutor b.City prosecutor c.Special prosecutor of the Ombudsman d.Judges of Municipal trial court 8.Is an inquiry or proceeding to determine whether there is sufficient ground to engender a well- founded belief that a crime has been committed and the respondent is probably guilty thereof, and should be held for trial. a.preliminary investigation b.inquest proceeding c.prejudicial question d.custodial investigation 9.The city prosecutor charged Ben with serious physical injuries for stabbing terence. He was tried and convicted as charged. A few days later, Terence died due to severe infection of his stab wounds. Can the prosecution file another information against Ben for homicide? a.No, double jeopardy is present since Ben had already been convicted of the first offense. b.No, there is double jeopardy since serious physical injuries is necessarily included in the charged of homicide. c.Yes, since supervening event altered the kind of crime the accused committed. d.Yes, since Terence's death shows irregularity in the filing of the earlier charge against him. 10.It is the system or criminal procedure which is characterized by secrecy of investigation and the option of the defense and prosecution to appeal. a.Inquisatorial b.mixed c.accusatorial d.fixed
11.Refers to the counsel provided by the government to assist destitute litigant? a.Counsel de officio b.counsel de parte c.Public Attorney’s Office d.National Prosecution Office 12.It is the system or criminal procedure which is characterized by secrecy of investigation and the option of the defense and prosecution to appeal. a.Inquisitorial b.mixed c.accusatorial d.fixed 13.It is defined as a method fixed for the apprehension and prosecution of person alleged to have committed a crime. a.Criminal procedure b.Criminal jurisprudence c.rules of court d.rules of procedure 14.What Quantum of Evidence required in criminal case? a.Preponderanceof evidence
b.Proof beyond reasonable doubt c.Probable cause d.Substantial Evidence 15.It is the finding of not guilty based on merits or that the evidence does not show that his guilt is proof beyond reasonable doubt. a.dismissal b.conviction c.acquittal d.judgment 16.The degree of proof required to convict a person accused of treason. a.substantial evidence b.proof beyond reasonable doubt c.two witness rule d.preponderance of evidence 17.Is the one required to prove a criminal case. It refers to the logical and inevitable result of the evidence on record, exclusive of any other consideration, of the moral certainty of the guilt of the accused or that degree of proof which produces conviction in an unprejudiced mind. a.Proof beyond reasonable doubt b.Clear and Convincing Evidence c.Preponderance of evidence d.Substantial evidence 18.What do you call the court that co-equal to the Court of Appeals? a.Sandiganbayan b.Court of first instance c.Supreme court d.Tanodbayan 19.When an appeal shall be taken? a.within 10 days b.within 30 days c.within 15 days d.within 5 days
20.An appeal made to the RTC from decisions of the first level court shall be by: a.Notice of appeal Petition for review c.Petition for review on certiorari d.Petition for certiorari 21.The Revised Penal Code serves as the primary source of criminal laws in the Philippines. It took effect on? a.January 1, 1923 b.January 1, 1932 c.December 8, 1930 d.January 1, 1933 22.It is that proof which, if unexplained or uncontradicted, is sufficient to sustain the proposition it supports or to establish the facts or to counterbalance the presumptions of innocence to warrant a conviction. a.Prima-facie evidence b.Preponderance of evidence c.Rebuttal evidence
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