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Ethics Paper on Hunting

Normal animal would experience and live a 100 normal

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normal animal would experience and live a 100% normal life, also when a hunted animal dies it’s typically shot once and dies quickly. By asking people to get meat at the grocery stores the anti-hunters are inadvertently supporting this treatment. In order for the anti- hunters argument to be correct the animals would have to suffer no abuse and be able to live a free life up until its death, which in the end would be something very closely related to hunting. Those who oppose hunting would dispute that not all meat comes from meat packaging industries that violate the rights of animals. In response to my own argument on the stance that an animal’s rights are infringed upon more when they are raised for slaughter than when hunted, an anti-hunter would argue that you could buy meat from the organic isle or an all-organic store. For example in Texas one of the main grocers is H-E- B and in the meat section they have a small spot for the all-natural meat that is organic. In addition to the meat sections in stores you could also shop at an exclusively organic store like Whole Foods or Sprouts whose purpose is to give consumers a healthier alternative to the grocery stores that people normally shop at. Anti-hunters would also point out that people could also go to farmers markets to buy food from local farmers and completely eliminate the grocer aspect. Basically to try and disprove my own argument those who
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oppose hunting would counter my argument by saying that consumers have the option to go to all-natural sections of a grocery store or just go to an all natural store. Undeniably there are all-natural sections in H-E-B and some other grocery stores, but once again the anti-hunters don’t use complete logic in their argument. If you oppose hunting your argument is contingent upon the belief that organic vendors treat their animals more humane than the major meat packaging industries, and also upon the dependency of natural food stores being in every location a consumer would need it. It is a societal preconceived notion that organic meat was raised in better conditions than meat that was raised in the major meat packaging industries, however this is not true. Advertisements like “Great cheese comes from happy cows. Happy cows come from California” in the Real California Milk commercials lead people on to believe that the animals live on rolling green hills. Yet a lawsuit from PETA against Real California milk claims otherwise. According to the suit the cows “live on muddy, feces- and urine-soaked lots devoid of any vegetation, not on grassy hillsides as depicted in the ads…At 2 years old the animals are artificially inseminated to keep them pregnant and producing milk. Calves are taken from their mothers within 24 hours of birth.” The suit also claims “the bull calves are either sent to veal pens or to feed lots, while the heifers are raised until they can be mated. After three pregnancies and thousands of gallons of milk, the cows are sent to the slaughterhouse, where they are turned into hamburgers and low-grade steak.” This is true for more than just the cows at Real California Milk, people like to assume
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normal animal would experience and live a 100 normal life...

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