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First kiss of true love grimms death of queen wedding

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-first kiss of true love Grimm's death of queen -wedding -red-hot iron slippers -dances to death -no “happily ever after” Disney's death -adds act of god -lightening bolt strikes down evil -2 buzzards start circling 2/28/13: Sleeping Beauty Grimm's: Lesson: -can't escape fate Good Aristocracy: prince Bad aristocracy: ogress DEFA: class conflict 16 th century Louis XIV and 20 th century Nazism noble women workers vs haughty arrogant king movie -fake, over the top -theater stage -symmetrical -care about wealth over work -Fleiss is fairy of hard work, scorned by king -zombie nobility: white make up, overstuffed costumes, outdated
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-similarities to snow white: valorization of working class, nobility bad and decadent, cheesy props, prince and princess are good socialist citizens -differences between 1961 and 1971: feminism movement, postindustrial society, backlash against elite, embedded Nazism, postcolonial struggle, working class is source of authentic culture media culture of the GDR: -recapturing Grimm's legacy for nationalism -twin purposes of DEFA -educate children -stimulate markets -compete with disney -really cheap money -west german $$ not going to fairytales, they were going to artsy films Beck -first film Die Schonste (1957) banned -did a whole 180, made so many children's films about the revolution -develops style around anti-hollywood and theatricality -Sleeping Beauty -closely follows Grimms -women vs man, nobility etc -all fairies stick together, woman power -rape of spindles! -all spindles collected and burned -military collects them -penalty is death -protest that children will starve -army vs textile workers -country into famine, unemployment, decline in prosperity -prince: not masculine, working class, boyish, loves SB (offered wealth, power, trophy wife but still chooses SB), found in a tavern, modest, helps fairy, passes 3 tests -after kiss: thorns sprout roses, everyone wakes up, asks to marry, king says no, fairy of labor intervenes, absolutism is outdated!, socialism!, nobility flee -common people go to wedding -she learns how to spin, teaches everyone else, kingdom prospers Aesthetics -frontality and symmetry of image -Brechtian Distanciation -Klaus Lenz – Jazz soundtrack 3/5/13
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Grimms’ Briar Rose: -Intentional slight of 1 fairy -12 fairies plus 13 th = curse -Gifts Beauty, every virtue, riches, intelligence -15 th year Around puberty -13 th fairy = not labeled as “witch” = ”an old woman” -Parents are gone but return and sleep with the rest of the castle -Male competition: Lots of princes try to rescue princess and can’t “penetrate thorns” -Awakened with a kiss -NOT KOTL Kiss of true love Copyrighted by Disney in 1937 Not applicable before that It was just a kiss Walt Disney’s signature also copyrighted -marriage right away -Family reunited -“happily ever after” Grimms’ Stepmother : -separated from Briar Rose and used as a separate tale. Changes:
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first kiss of true love Grimms death of queen wedding red...

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