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Lecture 13 Motivation, Sleep, and Emotion

James lange theory of emotion perception of a

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James-Lange Theory of Emotion Perception of a stimulus causes bodily arousal which leads to emotion. Events lead to physical changes Emotions are the result of awereness of those changes. Schachter-Singer Two Factor Theory Interaction of Inference and Arousal o Inference influences KIND of emotion o Degree of arousal influences the INTENSITY
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Schachter Study o Subjects injected with saline solution placebo or epinephrine. Amygdala and Emotion The brain's shortcut for emotions. Facial Feedback Theory Each basic emotion is associated with a unique facial expression o Sensory feedback from the expression contributes to the emotional feeling. Genetics and Emotion The facial expression of emotions appears to be hard-wired in all of us o Strong genetic component Culture and Emotion Even though evolution has built emotions and facial expression into us, culture shapes our emotions in many ways. What are emotions fore? Honest Display Theory- emotions are cues that facilitate our ability to interact with others: o See another's expression, read their emotion, predict behavior, etc o Way of making honest exchanges between people Gut-Feeling Theory- decisions based on our gut feelings o Emotions help us make decisions o Use imagined emotional responses for guidance
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James Lange Theory of Emotion Perception of a stimulus...

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