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Data transfer capability of 4g provides opportunities

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data transfer capability of 4G provides opportunities for mobility and mobile commerce. Individuals can perform business functions from their cellular device or other electronic devices such as tablets or iPads. These advances in technology also allow people to be mobile with their careers. Now that businesses and consumers have access to faster communications many are taking advantage of it. Doing mobile business is a monumental accomplishment for businesses and consumers. Being able to check your bank account, submit an insurance claim, or submit ones blood sugar level from anywhere at any time is yet mind boggling and convenient. “Before organizations had access to the cost-effective and readily available digital networks of today, organizations operated in more geographically specific markets and segments of a supply chain.” Because of the technological advances business can be done all around the world. E- commerce is an example of global business practices. Mobile applications make e- commerce much more efficient. Companies are able to communicate with customers quicker. In addition they are able to record interactions with customers in real time. There is less of a need for spreadsheet and other database applications. Through mobile applications customers have done most of the leg work for the business or organization. There is also a cost benefit to these applications. Businesses can have the apps customized upon purchase instead of having to buy software and spend a
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great amount of time tailoring it. Software as a service options offer reliability, scalability, and dependability. Customers take a more proactive role in business their personal business matters. Instead of waiting for a representative from the bank to tell you how much is in your account, make a doctor’s appointment to have a nurse check your vital signs, or physically go in to the water company to pay your bill all those things can be done via mobile applications. Customers look for businesses to have accessibility and availability online. For customers it is time effective and cost effective. Everything that one needs to do can be done from home, work, or any other location. For the average working American mobile applications makes life easier.
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