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I saw both sides of the wheel i had a single parent

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I saw both sides of the wheel. I had a single parent household but I never really had to worry about finances. I usually got the things I wanted and my mom was always there to support while making the money she needed to sustain our quality of life. The first person had an attitude of survival and how to hustle and keep food on the table and money in your pocket. The second person had an attitude of the business world and how to make money. I have an attitude of both. If I need to make money I know how to and I also know how to make money in the corporate business world due to having my mother and family support. Sexism has been a very controversial topic in recent times. There are both positive and negative aspects facing people on sexism. I can recall a couple of experiences where I wasn’t hired for a job and I knew it was because of sexism. About two summers ago I had applied for this receptionist/ secretary position at this law firm so I could get some experience in this field. I was not hired the job even though I was well qualified. The position went to a young female who was very attractive. She didn’t possess any skills that I didn’t and if anything I could type faster and was more fit. I feel the job went to her because traditionally secretaries/ receptionist have been women who make the work place more relaxing or less stressful because they are attractive and easy on the eye. However, when I reapplied to another position as like a lawyers apprentice I was hired and was making more money than the secretary and it was funny because at this job all the apprentices were young males and the females were secretaries. This leads me
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I saw both sides of the wheel I had a single parent...

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