1 1 Introduction of Fifth Generation Fifth Generation 5G wireless is a latest

1 1 introduction of fifth generation fifth generation

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about the security in networks using physical layers of security.
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1 1. Introduction of Fifth-Generation Fifth-Generation (5G) wireless is a latest cellular technology that comes with grater enhancement of speed and responsiveness. It is engineered in such a way that it has an ability to connects travel rate on wireless broadband as high as 20 Gbps with some limitation. It also allows user to share the amount of date transmission over wireless communication with the advance technology and enhanced antenna. Likewise, for the enhancement in latency, speed and capacity. Within the single physical 5G network t offers the network management protocol with the multiple virtual networks. 5G systems and administrations will be sent in stages throughout the following quite a long while to suit the expanding dependence on versatile and web empowered gadgets. Generally speaking, 5G is expected to generate a variety of new applications, uses and business cases as the innovation is taken off. (Rouse, 2019)
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