Some more examples of RQ and their hypotheses RQ 1 is there an association

Some more examples of rq and their hypotheses rq 1 is

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17 Some more examples of RQ and their hypothesesRQ 1 – is there an association between customer satisfaction with staff friendliness and overall satisfaction with Crown casino? 3. Choose the relevant statistical test
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MKF2121 7 4. Calculate p-value (i.e., run the test in SPSS) 4/6/2017 19 P-value = 0.43 > 0.05, therefore we do not reject null hypothesis Conclusion : men and women do not differ in their satisfaction with HP computer Some key terms you will see a lot in the next few weeks 20 Null vs. alternative hypotheses Reject or not reject the null hypothesis P-value 21 The process I just described is called hypothesis testing Definition - the formal process to use the statistical properties of the data to evaluate your hypothesis (i.e., “answer” your RQ) Why do we test hypotheses? Current state understanding (previous studies, beliefs, intuition) Data (your investigation) A more advanced state of understanding (knowledge) Hypothesis testing Framework of Scientific Investigation Your Null Hypotheses Outcome of the testing
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