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The numbers decrease effects of surfactant on

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The numbers decrease
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Effects of Surfactant on Respiratory Volumes 4) How does surfactant affect the tidal volume? FEV1 percentage decreases as the radius of the airway is decreased 5) How does addition of surfactant affect the total air flow into the lungs? Surfactant is similar to a detergent, it keeps the fluid coating the lining of the alveoli from creating surface tension. This allows the alveoli to expand without hindrance, and allows greater air flow. 6) Why does surfactant have the affect that it does on total air flow? Surfactant improves airflow in several ways. First, it maintains airway stability by preventing airway film collapse of the airway walls. Second, surfactant modulates airway wall thickness and diameter by regulating liquid balance. In other words, the dysfunction of surfactant airways might be one of the mechanisms leading to increased airway resistance [seen in in obstructive lung diseases 7) Emphysema is a lung condition that results in a(n) decrease in the tidal volume of the lungs. Effects of Thoracic Cavity Puncture 8) What happens in pneumothorax? It is a partial lung collapse, due to an air pocket on the outside of the lung, which pushes against the lung.
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