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2 in 1867 the island was then used as a munitions

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2). In 1867, the island was then used as a munitions depot until New Jersey complained of their immigration problem (ORACLE para. 2). The island wasn’t big enough so New York was
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Davis forced to expand; they created 3.3 extra miles of land for Ellis Island, made out of land fill waste (ORACLE para. 2). After the expansion, the island was opened as an immigration station. After immigrating to America, many immigrants faced hardships that were not easily overcome. Coming from Europe, along with most of the immigrants coming to America at the time, my family faced immense difficulties. Coming from Germany, my ancestors spoke German when they immigrated to the US; because of their lack of English, there was a huge language barrier between them and their neighbors. Along with this language barrier, there was also transitioning into the work force, adjusting to Americanization, and learning to live with many other cultures different than their own. The work force in America when my family emigrated from Germany the industrial revolution was well underway. America was booming with factories and immigrants coming from other countries were ecstatic for their opportunity to live the American dream. Americans were in a new world or “prosperity”; they were going on vacations, they had more time for leisure, and had a new sense of materialism ( para. 4). Coming from Germany, my great-great-grandpa was a perfect fit for the workforce of America; young and strong, the factory life was an easy choice for him. Working in a factory was not much but it got my great-great-grandpa John and his family through. They lived a comfortable life in America, even with all the difficulties. His Irish neighbor worked in the factory with him. He also helped him improve his English to succeed in their new homeland. His neighbors understood what it was like to be in a completely new place
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2 In 1867 the island was then used as a munitions depot...

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