This is particularly important if the type of

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This is particularly important if the type of information or service you provide needs to change over time. Currency of information is very important to some users. Users may lose confidence in the accuracy of information you provide if the page content has not been recently reviewed. If applicable, ensure privacy, terms and conditions, and security policies are clearly displayed and users are directed to these at appropriate times during the process. Make sure these policies are in everyday language, in a legible font style and uncluttered layout that is easy to scan. Give users the option to print these details to read later. Promote user confidence and trust in your services. Users value honesty and transparency. Encourage user interest and feedback What to do How this impacts users Use a direct, active tone that is polite and courteous. For instructions address your customer in the second person (i.e. ‘you’). Encourage users to develop a positive attitude to your service and your web site. This makes them more willing to interact with your agency and more likely to complete the form. Inform users about important details before they start the form detail. For example users often want to know costs, delivery times or turnaround times for email responses upfront. Advise users about any information needed to complete the form particularly if they are not likely to have at hand and will need to obtain it from elsewhere. (e.g. number for bank accounts, customer accounts, passport number). Avoid users being frustrated or annoyed if they are unable to complete the form quickly because they are missing a vital bit of information. Create a flexible design which will support the needs of different users What to do How this impacts users Provide a link to allow users to correctly print any page within the form on A4 paper Users generally scan text and do not like to read large amounts of text online. Some users prefer to get on with the form and read details at a later time (e.g. terms & conditions) This supports an efficient user workflow. A single column layout for form content is preferable. This layout is easier for the user's eye to scan.
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