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13 Activity #2: Take a step back Small Group Discussion: What words resonated the most in how students talked about their self-efficacy? What role does students’ self -efficacy play in your classroom? What kinds of messages do you think your students are receiving throughout the day that might influence their self-efficacy? How does this make you think about your role in helping to motivate students who are struggling in school by improving their academic self-efficacy?
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14 Why Self-Efficacy Matters Have better self-regulation 8 Are more resilient in the face of obstacles 9 Demonstrate stronger academic performance and achievement 10 Are more motivated in school 11 Set more challenging and higher academic goals 11 Are better prepared to adapt to and succeed in their first year of college 12 Go on to have more successful careers and are open to a wider range of career choices 13,14 Are happier all around 15 Self-efficacy determines how one feels, thinks, motivates themselves, behaves, and performs. Students with high self-efficacy: 16-year-old Olympic gold medalist, Laurie Hernandez, reminds herself “I got this,” before preparing her beam routine at the 2016 games in Rio.
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15 Self-Efficacy: A gateway to other mindsets, essential skills, and habits Self- Efficacy Self- Regulation Growth Mindset Agency Perseverance compels students to enact their agency in pursuit of a goal because they believe it will be worth it in the end. 19 can help students recover from challenges more successfully by motivating them to increase their efforts and abilities. 17, 18 encourages students to persist and not give up in the face of difficulties. 17 helps students use more self- regulation practices that make them successful in school. 16 Having high self-efficacy
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Self-Efficacy in the Classroom
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17 Questions to consider How do your students Think about setting goals? Think about the impact of their own abilities and efforts on their performance? Approach challenges? Respond to setbacks? Define success?
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