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If my sample shows that 54 of young people attending

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If my sample shows that 54% of young people attending movies are boys (46% girls), does that convince me that more than 50% of all young movie watchers are boys? If 70% of my sample were boys then I might be very confident that more boys watch movies, but a sample containing 51% boys would not be so convincing. How much above 50% would I need to get in my sample to be convinced in my answer to the research question? In this course, you will learn to be a “research scientist” . You will learn a scientific method of gathering unbiased data, applying probability rules, using statistical calculations (often with the help of the TI-84 graphing calculator), and drawing well-supported conclusions from the data to answer the research question. The course requires strong analytical skills, a willingness to learn and follow the scientific method that supports accurate decision-making in the presence of uncertainty, and an ability to write and explain your conclusions in a clear, concise, and persuasive way. This is a college-level course that you have chosen to take. The material is extremely relevant to almost all aspects of life, and can be fun to learn. We expect you to put forth a strong, consistent effort. Slackers should not apply for this course. We, in turn, will make the course as fun and interesting as possible as we introduce you to the exciting world of applied statistics, and prepare you to succeed on the May AP Exam. Well-trained statisticians are in high demand and encounter excellent employment prospects. Forbes magazine named Statistics in their top 15 most valuable college majors in terms on salary and career prospects. Statistics is a critical skill for jobs in many diverse fields: medicine, law, business, sports, agriculture, entertainment, biology (genetics), politics (polling), psychology, engineering, gaming (casinos), and many more. Hal Varian, Google Inc. chief economist , says that Statisticians will be “the sexy job of the next decade”. In the following video link, he describes why there is such a critical need for people who understand statistics and managing data:
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