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Designing The Presentation

Than if they were to have learned it in the

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successful with understanding a graphic (data chart, diagram, ect.) than if they were to have learned it in the traditional, textbook-based manner. Schools now are full of students who could succeed who are just not being taught in a way that unlocks their inner potential. Looking at technology based learning experiments and see that students who might ordinarily be labeled as C, D, or F students and who were once failing and uninterested in school are suddenly raising their grades, showing up for class, and solving difficult problems through the use of technology and advanced learning systems. Arguments are intensified by technology’s annual price tag of five billion dollars. Although that is less than two percent of the national education budget, the cost has many wondering if education technology is worth it. “One of the seemingly attractive points of education technology was that you buy the box, and then you don’t have to pay anymore…obviously there are many ongoing costs”. From my investigations, I would conclude that the pros of educational technology outweigh the cons. The benefits of educational technology are great, especially in the case of urban school districts. Educators, in my opinion, should be excited to utilize programs that retain children's attention and reinforce the methods and concepts taught in class. International competitors are excelling in areas such as math and science, using computers efficiently, and conducting business by means of modern technology. It is essential that today’s children are taught how to use and learn from computers in order to produce an American society that is up to par with nations worldwide. Settling this debate requires more data and time for the questions to mature, and it requires that we invest in measures that capture complex learning more adequately
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Morgan Gales ENGL 2116 Prof. Dana Cox November 9, 2011 than standardized testing alone. Testing using standardized tests merely note memorization of curriculum. We should be looking for things such as motivation, mastery of concepts and content, mastery of sophisticated skills, and the success of all students. Things such as these have been seen more in technology based learning experiences than any other kind of educational intervention used before
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than if they were to have learned it in the traditional...

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