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DB Forum 4 - Wilson, Lisa

Conducting a demographic study to find a suitable

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conducting a demographic study to find a suitable location to open a vegan store, within close proximity to households consisting of 25 to 40 year old consumers that are vegetarians. A marketing campaign, for the new vegan store, would be designed specifically to this market segment. Another example of target marketing would be a local major league baseball team to create a marketing campaign advertising a family night at the stadium. The marketing department could print flyers and distribute them to local elementary schools. The children would bring the flyers home, to their parents, from school in their homework folder.
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Segmenting the Market – Target Marketing – Product Positioning Product Positioning The following statement denotes product positioning: “Sometimes a firm can achieve a key differential advantage by simply emphasizing how its offering satisfies existing consumer demand/desires and needs better than its competitors” (Geyer, 2013, DB4 Instructions). To better understand this statement, one needs to understand product positioning. This statement discusses how a company may be able to get an edge over its competitors by accentuating its product’s attributes and how their product is the better choice than the competitor’s product. Product positioning is the thought process a consumer holds regarding a specific product in relation to competing items (Kerin, et al., 2011, p.202). Product positioning consists of two approaches. The first approach is head-to-head positioning. In this approach, a company openly contends with competitors, in an identical target market (Kerin et al., 2011, p.202). An example of this would be Ragu competing directly with Prego on tomato sauces. The second approach is differentiation positioning (Kerin et al., 2011, p.202).
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conducting a demographic study to find a suitable location...

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