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Claims based on results from viking landers recent

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Claims based on results from Viking landers, recent claims based on evidence of methane in the martian atmosphere, and claims based on studies of martian meteorites found on Earth The Viking Experiments – study soil The third biology experiment mixed martian soil with organic nutrients Fourth experiment measured the abundance of organic molecules in the martian soil Methane gas in the martian atmosphere Methane could be coming from comet impacts, volcanic activity, or life How do we plan to search for life on Mars? Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mars Science Lab It’s important to make sure that our robotic mission don’t accidentally contaminate Mars with life from Earth Should we send humans to Mars? While the cost and inherent danger of sending humans to Mars would be very high, the scientific payoff could potentially be even higher Terraforming – alter martian environment in ways that would make it more hospitable to us Manufacturing chlorofluorocarbons Is there evidence of life in martian meteorites? ALH84001 is a piece of igneous rock that solidified about 4.5 billion years ago ALH84001 spent 16 million years in space, which means the impact that started its journey occurred on Mars about 16 million years ago Evidence: carbonate grains, PAHs
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