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4 prescribed book and enquiries your prescribed book

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4 PRESCRIBED BOOK AND ENQUIRIES Your prescribed book for this module is: Milkovich, GT & Newman, JM. 2002. Compensation . 7th edition. Boston: McGraw-Hill. NOTE: You may use the 6 th edition of the above-mentioned book, as there is very little difference in the content of the two editions, but take note that the study guide is based on the 7 th edition of the prescribed book. If you have difficulty obtaining the prescribed book from the bookshops, you should contact the Department of Undergraduate Student Affairs at telephone number (012) 429-4152. You should make enquiries to this Department as soon as possible after registration. A list of official booksellers appears at the end of this tutorial letter. 5 TUTORIAL MATTER The Department of Despatch should supply you with the following tutorial matter for this module: # one study guide # a number of tutorial letters Note: This tutorial matter will not necessarily be available on registration. If this is the case it will be posted to you as soon as possible.
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MNH306-K/101 4 6 ADDITIONAL SUBJECT PERIODICALS To help you establish a link between theory and practice, we recommend that you subscribe to one of the following South African subject periodicals: People Dynamics Contact person Norman Motlhabani Postal address Institute of People Management PO Box 5911 RIVONIA 2128 Telephone number (011) 785-6809 Fax number (011) 803-5316 E-mail address [email protected] South African Journal of Labour Relations Contact person Mia Delport Postal address School of Business Management PO Box 393 UNISA 0003 Telephone number (012) 429-4041 Fax number (012) 429-4344 E-mail address [email protected] Management Today Contact person Richard Havenga Postal address PO Box 2239 NORTHCLIFF 2115 Telephone number (011) 326-2625 Fax number (011) 326-2102 E-mail address [email protected] South African Labour Bulletin Contact person Rugaya Rees Postal address Umanyano Publications PO Box 3851 JOHANNESBURG 2000 Telephone number (011) 403-3075 Fax number (011) 403-9873 E-mail address [email protected]
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MNH306-K/101 5 HR Future Contact person Miriam Patel Postal address Osgard Media PO Box 1149 NORTHCLIFF 2115 Telephone number (011) 888-8914 Fax number (011) 888-8914 E-mail address [email protected] 7 ADMISSION TO THE EXAMINATION All students will be automatically admitted to the examination The decision to admit students automatically to the examination is a direct result of the shorter period in which studies have to be completed. However, the standard of a Unisa qualification will not be affected as the examination remains the final criterion. 8 FORMAT OF THE EXAMINATION PAPER The examination paper consists of FOUR questions of 25 marks each, of which you will have to do only THREE. Please note that the questions may be subdivided into shorter paragraph-type questions.
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4 PRESCRIBED BOOK AND ENQUIRIES Your prescribed book for...

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