Syllabus Leadership FAU spring 2013 campus day(1)

Course overview leadership supervisory skills and

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COURSE OVERVIEW Leadership, supervisory skills, and team performance are increasingly important topics for organizations. This course will explain team dynamics and the theories of leadership and demonstrate the behaviors of successful leaders and team members. Success is the result of effort expended by all team and/or organizational members. You will learn how to be a part of a high performance team and to be successful leaders by developing skills to mobilize the talents of those who you work with. Through the leadership of an actual project you will implement these skills, evaluate your leadership style, and fine-tune your leadership and teamwork abilities. Through lectures, videos, exercises, a simulation, case studies and a major project, you will learn the needed skills to become an effective leader or manager as well as explore the issues of leading and supervising others. Topics covered include respectful communication, decision making, building relationships, dealing with conflict, planning, change, facilitating small groups, and the major leadership theories that have been developed. KEY OBJECTIVES/LEARNING OUTCOMES 1) To build your knowledge of leadership theories and how and why they are applied in business settings. 2) To provide opportunities for you to assess your leadership skills using various leadership instruments. 3) By the end of the course students design, develop, and implement a project and use leadership and team skills. The goals are to increase your awareness of verbal and nonverbal communication cues; cultivate effective leadership, communication and influence skills; enhance your emotional intelligence and motivational skills; practice moderating tension levels and conflict resolution skills. 4) To provide hands-on experiences in leadership (using the course project and the Simulearn Virtual Leader Software). 5) To interact with students in the class (through online discussions) and with students on your team to learn about leadership. Students who anticipate special accommodation due to religious observance should inform me in writing no later than the second week of classes. If you have special needs due to a disability please let me know. Students who require special accommodations due to a disability to properly execute coursework must register with the Office for Students with Disabilities. COURSE STRUCTURE In general, each week we will be discussing new material. Student involvement in the course will be enhanced through the “discussion board”. These discussions will be based on analyses of cases in the textbook, course material, and the leadership simulation. The weekly assignments are listed on the last page and should be accessed in the separate tabs designated for each week in Blackboard. Students are encouraged to supplement assignments with web searches and readings in current
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COURSE OVERVIEW Leadership supervisory skills and team...

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