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Che 243 engineering thermodynamics state 3 as the

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CHE 243: Engineering Thermodynamics State 3: As the water continues to cool, the stops prevent the piston from moving further, so the volume remains constant. Since the mass and volume of the system do not change, v 3 = v 2 . The phase of the water in state 3 is saturated mixture. (2) The overall change in internal energy can be found using the following equation: ∆𝑈 1→3 = 𝑚(𝑢 3 − 𝑢 1 ) (1) Note that it is not necessary to determine the internal energy in state 2 to solve the problem. The required values are u 1 (initial state) and u 3 (final state). u 1 can be directly found on table A-6 (Superheated vapor at 200 kPa and 200 ºC).
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