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Q were you allowed to have this drinking experience

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Q. Were you allowed to have this drinking experience at home? What made you change your methods of stress relief? A. No I wasn’t. I had to follow the rules of my house and respect my parent’s decisions. But that’s what made the experience so much better after. After I waved goodbye to my parents I had the freedom to decide what I wanted to do, the rules I wanted to establish. It’s not that my stress relief methods changed, I just now had the liberty to express myself in a different way and I liked that! As you can see from the interview, my informant analyzed drinking in a different way. He saw it as liberty. His ability to make his own decisions was finally put into his hands. While I interviewed this person, he made it perfectly clear that his drinking was all on him and not the decision of someone else or the influence of the school. He knew that he wanted to be open-minded and try new things. “Life is about testing yourself and seeing what you can accomplish. Joining the UW drinking scene was a test for me and I passed with flying colors.” Drinking on this campus is not seen as a taboo or something despicable; it is just another opportunity available to you if you chose to jump in and join it. *Note: The informant shall remain anonymous.
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