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The new fuel thing

Thatversion couldbe inside a car before 2010 no

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Unformatted text preview: Thatversion coUldbe inside a car before 2010. No question: Creatingihe car of the fu- ttireis tricky territory for GM, and it has gottenii : wrong . before. (Remembertbe EVl, the battery-powered car with arange of ameasly 70 miles?) It doesn't want to get too far ahead of the market or the in- frastructure, leaving i tself stuck with fu- turistic inventory. As fot the car itself, Burnssays the biggest remaining problem .. ' is howtb storelllore hydrogen gas.The Se- q . uel can carr . y . a . b . · . out18P .. ou . n . . d . s o . f . hy . dr . . o .- . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . .... gen, equivalent in power to 16 gallons of ga.s.That gives i t a range of about 300 miles--on the lowend compared with con- ventional cars . A h y drogen fili-upcosts about $40, making it about 16% cheaper than$3 a g a llon gas. OMdoes . riotsee the Sequel (andits se- quels) as a distant dream. Burns, ",hocan . best be described as a fuel-cell evangelist , · has set a deadline of 2010by which to de- velopa fuel-cellunit thatis competitive in price and suitable for themass market. By 2020, he estimates , 10% of the world's 90 million new cars and trucks will be pow- ered by fuel cells. Test drive postscript: Having to reboot the Sequel the way you would Microsoft · WindOw.s-:furn it off , wait impatiently for about 30 seconds , . then turn it back oll- '- is annoying. But when the cars get go- . ing, their performance i s impressive. They , accelerate smoothly , run quietly,and brake without complaint. GM has outfitted the Sequel with elec- tronic controls for the brake, accelerator , and steering to make . driving simi l ar to what people are ' used to. As GM may have leamed from the hybrid, the way to nudge consumers toward adopting technology that is chic and green is to makeitas in- visible as possible. I I · FEEDBACK [email protected] o rtun£nUli1.com...
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