and carbs to promote weight gain Thyroidectomy POSTOP Assess airway patency

And carbs to promote weight gain thyroidectomy postop

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and carbs to promote weight gain Thyroidectomy POSTOP: Assess airway patency*** Semi Fowler's position, head should be kept in neutral position* Check the clients voice every 2 hours Assess for any hoarseness- can indicate laryngeal nerve damage Monitor CA, MG, Phosphate, Vit D why?? → → There is a Risk for removing part of Parathyroid gland due to close proximity hypoparathyroidism reduction in PTH → If you have LOW PTH (Parathyroid Hormone): LOW Calcium Level Tetany- Muscle spasms & Numbness in hands and feet Trousseau’s Sign* “Salt bae hand” Chvostek's* Sign Cheek one If severe muscle spasms → Verify most recent calcium level to provider Osteoporosis LOW Magnesium Normal 1.3-2.1 LOW Vitamin D Normal 25-80 HIGH Phosphate Normal 3-4.5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hyperparathyroidism → Will have increase of calcium and phosphate in the bloodstream→ pathological fractures
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