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Initiation of either trx occurs when the gfr falls to

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Initiation of either trx occurs when the GFR falls to 5 mL/min (10-15 mL/min in patients w/ diabetic nephropathy) Dialysis ---- traditional hemodialysis (removal of wastes from the blood ), the membrane is synthetic and outside of body or its more recent, high efficiency form, as well as peritoneal dialysis (peritoneal wall acts as the dialysate membrane and gravity is used to introduce and remove the dialysate –there are 2 forms continuous ambulatory dialysis , CAPD , and continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis ) Transplantation --- renal transplantation is from a compatible donor to a recipient suffering from irreversible renal failure ; the organ can be from a cadaver or a live individual (80% and 20% respectively in the US); the body’s immune response to the transplanted organ must be suppressed for the procedure to be successful; so the donor and recipient are carefully screened for ABO blood group, human leukocyte antigen (HLA) compatibility, and performed HLA antibodies ; the HLA system is the major inhibitor to transplantation ; the mean half-life of a cadaveric transplant is approx. 7 yrs. although kidney transplants have the capacity to function for decades
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