I color ii mass iii density a i and ii b i and iii c

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I) Color II) Mass III) Density A) I and II B) I and III C) II and III D) I, II and III
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Mixtures Heterogeneous Mixture: distinguishable parts Homogenous Mixture: indistinguishable parts (Solution) ydir.demon.co.uk / jo/minerals/marble.htm . org/wiki/Quicksand wiki/Hydrochloric_acid 18
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Which term can be used to describe the picture below a) Pure element b) Homogeneous mixture c) Pure compound d) Heterogeneous mixture e) Two of the above could be used 19
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Pure Substance Cannot be separated by any physical means Separation of saltwater: Distillation Boil water and salt stays behind Water pure substance 20
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Pure Substance Oxygen Hydrogen Hydrogen Can only be separated by chemical means 21
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