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The lawyer can be described as a safe man prudent

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The lawyer can be described as a safe-man, prudent, snug, calm, and well ordered. He first comes into contact with Bartleby when Bartleby applies for a job opening at his office. At the beginning, the lawyer finds him to be hardworking, self-disciplined, and very private, nothing too out of the ordinary. As the days go by, Bartleby begins to answer all of the lawyer’s requests with the phrase, “I would prefer not to”. The lawyer becomes very confused by this answer and is quit perplexed with how to respond to it. Besides the one repeated phrase, Bartleby seemed relatively normal. The lawyer began to respond each time by saying that he can work around it, and it’s not that big of a deal as long as he is still copying papers. However, that soon starts to fade off and he is left with Bartleby sleeping in his office at night and staring out the one small office window during the day. The lawyers describes his first emotions as, “those of pure melancholy and
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Bordeaux 3 sincerest pity; but just in proportion as the forlornness of Bartleby grew and grew to my imagination, did the same melancholy merge into fear, that pity into repulsion” (Melville 3380). All of his thoughts began to revolve around Bartleby. Instead of having a new useful assistant in the office, Bartleby began to cause more problems than were present before his arrival. However, no matter how annoyed or frustrated the lawyer becomes, he responds to all of his thoughts about Bartleby by viewing him as a charity case and feeling empathetic towards him. Everett is first introduced to Super Goat Man at a very young age, and from the very beginning, Everett could tell that he was not going to be his biggest fan. He formed many judgments early on, but could never express them. Everett would go years at a time without seeing Super Goat Man, and during those times Everett would say that he was “less than a minor curiosity to me. I didn’t waste much thought on him” (Lethem 412)” It would not be until the next time they encountered each other that Everett would remember how much Super Goat Man actually bothered him. He ended up living and teaching at Corcoran, the college where Everett attended. Every time they encountered one another, Super Goat Man would talk about Everett’s father with such praise. This only aggravated Everett more, for he had very little respect for his father and his fixation with Super Goat Man. More time passed and their two paths crossed yet again. At this point Everett was married and Super Goat Man had become just an honorary presence at Corcoran. It was during this encounter where Everett finally unleashed his true feelings about Super Goat Man and said, “I saw you rescue a paper clip once” (Lethem 423). This portrayed just how insignificant Everett thought Super Goat Man was.
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