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Mini-Paper 3

However what the soldiers had undergone during these

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outside nations. However, what the soldiers had undergone during these battles were tumultuous hardships. Although many of these men were drafted, what had kept them compliant was love for one’s country. The difficulties and sacrifices made were certainly underestimated and underappreciated by man unless one were to personally hear testimonials about what a soldier would endure in daily life. In “Journal of Private Fraser,” a story was told of a soldier’s journey during the Great War. His motivation for fighting was derived from enthusiasm to support both King George V and his country. Living in poor conditions of mud and filth, his experiences at battlegrounds were described with great detail . Fraser’s recollection of dying allies traumatized him for life. As he describes one wounded soldier, he writes, “his eyes opened wide and a terrified look of despair and helplessness crept over his features, his eyes rolled, and with a heart-rending shriek as he realized his end had come, he fell forward flat on his face, stone dead, almost on top of me.” This clear account displays the scarring impact that occurs from fighting in battle. The poem “In Flanders Fields” by Lt. McCrae accentuates the themes of gratitude
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