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Q38 in january of last year the moviemania chain of

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q38: In January of last year the Moviemania chain of movie theaters started propping its popcorn in canola oil, instead of the less healthful coconut oil that it had been using until then. Now Moviemania is planning to switch back, saying that the change has hurt popcorn sales. That claim is false, however, since according to Moviemania’s own sales figures, Moviemania sold 5 percent more popcorn last year than in the previous year. Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the argument against Moviemania’s claim? A. Total sales of all refreshments at Moviemania’s movie theaters increased by less than 5 percent last year. B. Moviemania makes more money on food and beverages sold at its theaters than it does on sales of movie tickets. C. Moviemania’s customers prefer the taste of popcorn popped in coconut oil to that of popcorn popped in canola oil. D. Total attendance at Moviemania’s movie theaters was more than 20 percent higher last year than the year before. E. The year before last, Moviemania experienced a 10 percent increase in popcorn sales over the previous year. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q39: Over 75 percent of the energy produced in France derives from nuclear power, while in Germany it is just over 33 percent . 20
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33 percent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q40: Agricultural societies cannot exist without staple crops. Several food plants, such as kola and okra, are known to have been domesticated in western Africa, but they are all supplemental, not staple, foods. All the recorded staple crops grown in western Africa were introduced from elsewhere, beginning, at some unknown date, with rice and yams. Therefore, discovering when rice and yams were introduced into western Africa would establish the earliest date at which agricultural societies could have arisen there. Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Q38 In January of last year the Moviemania chain of movie...

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