Raised under optimal environmental conditions do this

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Unformatted text preview: raised under optimal environmental conditions do.) This question remains (60) unanswered; indeed, taking all the evi- dence into account, one cannot make a definitive statement about dinosaur physiology on the basis of dinosaur bone. It may be that dinosaurs had an (65) intermediate pattern of bone structure because their physiology was neither typically reptilian, mammalian, nor avian.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q33: The author of the passage would be most likely to agree that the “caution” (line 29) urged by de Ricqlès regarding claims about dinosaur physiology was A. unjustified by the evidence available to de Ricqlès B. unnecessary, given the work done by Bakker and his followers C. indicative of the prevailing scientific opinion at the time D. warranted, given certain subsequent findings of other scientists E. influential in the recent work of Chinsamy Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 Q34: The primary purpose of the passage is to A. discuss the influence on other scientists of Bakker’s argument concerning the warm-bloodedness of dinosaurs B. provide evidence that supports the claim that dinosaurs were cold-blooded C. challenge the contention that dinosaur bone tissue is innately fibro-lamellar D. evaluate the claim that dinosaur bone tissue provides evidence for the warm- bloodedness of dinosaurs E. resolve the disagreement between de Ricqlès and Bakker over the nature of dinosaur physiology Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q35: According to the passage, the discovery of growth rings in the bones of certain dinosaurs served to undermine which of the following claims? A. That modern reptiles are related to dinosaurs B. That bone growth in dinosaurs was periodic in nature C. That dinosaurs were warm-blooded D. That dinosaurs had an intermediate type of physiology E. That fibro-lamellar bone is the product of a rapid growth rate Answer: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q36: The author of the passage mentions bone growth patterns in juvenile crocodiles most likely in order to A. provide support for the argument that reptiles are not related to dinosaurs B. undermine the claim that most reptiles are slow-growing C. offer an explanation as to why juvenile crocodiles differ from most modern reptiles D. suggest the juvenile crocodiles have a type of physiology intermediate between that of mammals and that of reptiles E. suggest that the presence of fibro-lamellar bone does not resolve the debate over dinosaur physiology Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q37: Researchers took a group of teenagers who had never smoked and for one year tracked whether they took up smoking and how their mental health changed. Those who began smoking within a month of the study’s start were four times as likely to be depressed at...
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raised under optimal environmental conditions do This...

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