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Final Industry Analysis Paper

Although it is nice to do this metlife should take

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Although it is nice to do this, MetLife should take some initiative to make sure this never happens again. Hire interns who can figure out who should receive the death benefits in a timely fashion. Interns cost less money than outside temp. Agencies This will be great publicity. Prudential Problem Solution Email Leaks Emails of a top Prudential Sr. Executive have been leaked to the media. In these emails, the executive makes disparaging & sarcastic remarks towards the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The company has to do damage control. The company should refute the executive’s remarks, and say they stand totally by the FSA’s decisions. Hire a PR firm to help with damage control Bidding War for ING’s Asian Life Insurance Prudential is in the middle of ING’s Asian life insurance arm. The bids could reach up to $6 Billion Prudential should out bid all of its competitors for this ING Asian life Insurance. By taking control of ING’s Asian Life Insurance, they will be able to penetrate the Asian market and thus earn more revenues. Tough Regulations With the New Healthcare Regulations, Prudential has to be cognizant of the new rule changes. Prudential should hire an expert on the new regulations to make sure that the company is not breaking any laws. Aflac Problem Solution 18
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Customer Service Customer service proves to be a major point of importance for many companies and it is with Aflac as well In order to improve customer service, Aflac should have employees partake in training seminars where they learn good customer service techniques. Employees should also role-play with their managers to practice the techniques that they learned in their training seminars. The Aflac Name Aflac is recognized as being the 77 best companies to work for. Aflac faces the problem of trying to either keep this ranking or be ambitious and improve this rating. Aflac should work to continue to improve employee work/life balance Take suggestions from employees on how to make the workplace better & more enjoyable Not Increasing Covered Illnesses Aflac fails to cover illnesses such as obesity and depression Aflac is not the only company that does not cover these illnesses Aflac should cover these illnesses and by doing so, they will be able to broaden their consumer base in the U.S. Top Three Issues Facing the Insurance Industry Problem Solution Proposed Changes to Federal Regulations The new laws have made it so that insurance companies will have new regulations that they have to abide by. Insurance companies need to have corporate governance committees that allow the companies to effectively communicate with state & federal regulators Insurance companies need to comply with the new laws that authorities state regulators Uneven Economic Recovery There is uncertainty about regulatory & tax legislation & low interest rate environment.
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