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Unformatted text preview: sid=f40ee9ac-acb3-4e01-b843- 55d3c55faec8%40sessionmgr13&vid=6&hid=15 Evaluate: Visit the following site for a brief tutorial on website evaluation: http://lib.colostate.edu/tutorials/webeval.html Carefully consider the five evaluation items listed below in blue . In each grey box, include responses to the related questions ( minimum two complete sentences for each item ). • Example: Authority (who): The author of this online article is John Q. Smith, a professor at Cornell University. He has a good background in business management and provided contact information. Authority (who): Who is the author or sponsor and what are his/her credentials? Did the author/sponsor provide contact information? I. Authority (who): The author is Morgan, Neil. Mr. Morgan attended the Kelly School of business, Indiana University, 1309 East tenth St. Bloomington, Indiana 47405-1701. Mr. Morgan included his personal email address which is [email protected] Accuracy (where): Where did the information come from? Are there citations and links to other web sites? II. Accuracy (where): The article was published by The Academy of Marketing Science (2011). There were no links to other websites but there were 147 citations on the reference page. Objectivity (what): What is the purpose of the site (inform, entertain, persuade, advertise, etc)? Is the discussion fact-based or opinion-based? III. Objectivity (what): The purpose of this page is to educate people on different types of marketing strategies, to define marketing terms and to give the reader an overall knowledge of how to make a business successful. It is based on facts. The author cited 147 different places that found his knowledge, confirming the facts he has...
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