what are the examples of natural law in the Declaration Chapter One private

What are the examples of natural law in the

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people seek to overthrow their government?; what are the examples of natural law in the Declaration? Chapter One: private goods, public goods, toll goods, common goods; besides providing goods to citizens and maintaining public safety, most governments provide ____ to citizens; civic engagement; majority rule and minority rights; oligarchy; totalitarianism; elite theory vs. pluralist theory, C. Wright Mills and The Power Elite , Robert Dahl and Who Governs?; tradeoff perspective different general types of trade-offs (there are five or so); social capital; civic engagement; Robert Putnam; the importance of activism, the importance of an informed citizenry; Chapter Two: points of contention at the Constitutional Convention: small vs. large states; slavery and freedom; federal supremacy vs. state sovereignty; individual liberty and social stability; the compromises which made the Constitution possible; the checks each branch has on the others; enumerated powers vs. reserved powers; supremacy clause; “the greatest sources of dissatisfaction with the Constitution (see p.
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