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Early in the novel it seems as if moreau has been

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Early in the novel, it seems as if Moreau has been successful in making his beasts human. When Prendick first sees them, he is completely unaware of their animalistic traits and simply believes they are a strange island people. “They seemed to me then to be brown men, but their limbs were oddly swathed in some thin dirty white stuff down even to the fingers and feet. I have never seen men so wrapped up before, and women so only in the East.” (Wells 27) Prendick’s first encounter with the beasts expresses how blurred the lines between humans and animals are on the island. He understands that these men are very different than any he has ever seen before but he fails to comprehend their obvious correlation to animals. However, as time passes, he begins to observe the animal in these men and women. In contrast, the humans of Doctor Faustus tend to have traits similar to those of animals in the sense that they are careless and improper. Even as humans, Dick and Robin act like foolish animals, another example of the blurred line between humans and animals. Mephostophilis responds to Robin’s comment on being an animal by actually turning him into one. “And so thou shalt. Be thou transformed to a dog and carry him upon thy back. Away, be gone!” (Marlowe 3.3:49-51) This transformation is a punishment for Robin’s actions but it also depicts how closely related to an animal he is. His actions in the bar are childish and unnecessary. He fails to comprehend how he
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should act in public and is made into an animal to emphasize his lack of human like traits and abilities. Prendick begins to observe non-human traits in the men of the island and discovers that something strange is taking place on the island. However, it takes him seeing the ears of Moreau’s assistant to begin to see the resemblance of these men to animals. “Then astonishment paralysed me. Under his stringy black locks I saw his ear! It jumped upon me suddenly, close to my face. The man had pointed ears, covered with a fine fur!”(Wells 33) This shows how similar animals and humans may be, but as the story continues, Prendick’s descriptions uncover the opposite. He notices how the beasts have trouble staying on two legs, this an issue humans do not encounter. “ ‘Montgomery,’ said I, ‘what was that thing that came after me. Was it a beast, or was it a man?’” (Wells 49)
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Early in the novel it seems as if Moreau has been...

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