Since 1840 american presidents elected in years

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Since 1840, American Presidents elected in years ending in zero were to be died (have been destined to die) in office. to be about to + verb = near future (s p s a) They are about to leave . Be + adj . .. (m ñầ u cho m t ng ) = t ra. .. Be careless in a national park where there are bears around and the result are likely to be tragical indeed. Be + subject + noun/ noun phrase/ adjective = cho dù là . .. Societies have found various methods to support and train their artists, be it the Renaissance system of royal support of the sculptors and painters of the period or the Japanese tradition of passing artistic knowledge from father to son. ( các xã h i ñề u tìm th y m t s ph ươ ng pháp h tr ñ ào t o các ngh s , cho dù là h th ng h tr các nhà ñ iêu kh c và ho s c a các hoàng gia th i k Ph c h ư ng hay ph ươ ng pháp truy n th hi u bi ế t ngh thu t t cha sang con theo truy n th ng Nh t B n) To have technique is to possess the physical expertise to perform whatever steps a given work may contain, be they simple or complex . (Có ñượ c k thu t là s ñượ c s ñ iêu luy n ñể th c hi n b t k thao tác nào mà m t công vi c ñ òi h i, cho dù là chúng ñơ n gi n hay ph c t p) 7.4 Cách s d ng to get trong m t s tr ườ ng h p: 7.4.1. To get + P2 get washed/ dressed/ prepared/ lost/ drowned/ engaged/ married/ divorced. Ch vi c ch ng t làm l y m t vi c gì ho c tình hu ng mà ch ng ñ ang g p ph i. You will have 5 minutes to get dressed .(Em có 5 phút ñể m c qu n áo) He got lost in old Market Street yesterday. (tình hu ng b l c ñườ ng) Tuy t nhiên không ñượ c l n tr ườ ng h p này v i d ng b ñộ ng. 7.4.2. Get + V-ing = Start + V-ing: B t ñầ u làm gì We'd better get moving , it's late. 7.4.3. Get sb/smt +V-ing: Làm cho ai/ cái gì b t ñầ u. Please get him talking about the main task. (Làm ơ n b o anh ta hãy b t ñầ u ñ i vào v n ñề chính) When we get the heater running , the whole car will start to warm up. (Khi chúng ta cho máy s ưở i b t ñầ u ch y..) 7.4.4. Get + to + verb
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S ư u t m và thi ế t k ế b i Ph m Vi t V ũ - 36 – Tr ườ ng ðạ i H c Kinh T ế ð à N ng - Tìm ñượ c cách. We could get to enter the stadium without tickets.(Chúng tôi ñ ã tìm ñượ c cách l t vào. ..) - Có c ơ may When do I get to have a promotion? (Khi nào tôi có c ơ may ñượ c t ă ng l ươ ng ñ ây?) - ðượ c phép At last we got to meet the general director. (Cu i cùng thì r i chúng tôi c ũ ng ñượ c phép g p t ng ñạ o di
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Since 1840 American Presidents elected in years ending in...

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