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Sap provides industry specifc platorms which are

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SAP provides industry-specifc plaTorms which are confgured to a company. ________ systemaTcally limit(s) the acTons and behaviors of employees, processes, and organizaTonal systems to safeguard assets and to achieve objecTves. Internal Controls Which of the following is the Fnal acTvity of the procurement process at CBI a±er the implementaTon of SAP? Pos±ng an Outgoing Payment A manufacturer wants to keep track of all its shipments to suppliers, retailers, and customers. Which of the following is used for this purpose? Radio-Frequency Iden±fca±on ²he systems manager of an organizaTon issues an order to the purchasing manager for the purchase of 15 new desktop computers. ²his is an example of a(n) ________. Purchase Requisi±on Which of the following is a wri³en document that requests the delivery of a speciFed quanTty of a product or service in return for payment? Purchase Order CBI shares ________ with its suppliers using SAP. Purchase Orders Which of the following acTviTes in the value chain includes receiving, storing and disseminaTng inputs to products? Inbound Logis±cs In the new SAP system implemented at CBI, the purchase requisiTon acTvity is ________. An Automated Process Raw materials inventory stores product components and other goods that are ________. Procured ²rom Suppliers Which of the following supply chain processes is strategic in nature? Evalua±on o² Suppliers ²he ________ e´ect occurs when companies order more supplies than are needed due to a sudden change in demand. Bullwhip A purchase order requests an acTon from a(n) ________. Supplier A ________ occurs when a limited resource greatly reduces the output of an integrated series of acTviTes or processes. Bo³leneck Why did informaTon silos exist in CBI before the implementaTon of SAP? ´he company used ²our diµerent databases to store procurement in²orma±on. IdenTfy the compeTTve strategy that CBI decided to adopt in order to implement SAP. Focused Diµeren±a±on Strategy Which of the following statements is true regarding the impact of SAP on organizaTons? People require new sets o² skills a¶er implemen±ng SAP. A car manufacturer purchases components such as seat belts, fenders, window seals, and panels from outside sources. ²his process of obtaining goods is called ________. Procurement µinished goods inventory contains items that are ________. Awai±ng Delivery to Customers Which of the following is a potenTal soluTon to the bullwhip e´ect? Sharing sales order data in real-±me A(n) ________ is an internal company document that issues an order for a purchase. Purchase Requisi±on Before implemenTng any ERP system, an organizaTon must Frst use ________. Its strategy to set objec±ves and measures ²or major business processes Which of the following is an operaTonal supply chain process? Procurement o² materials ________ is the process of obtaining the goods and services needed by an organizaTon.
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Procurement Which of the following is a term that refers to selling a product or system for less than its true price?
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SAP provides industry specifc plaTorms which are confgured...

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