V dept of employment security 1080 c tri county youth

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Quick ’n Tasty Foods, Inc. v. Dep’t of Employment Security 1080 c. Tri-County Youth Programs, Inc. v. Acting Director 1085 2. Discharge for Misconduct 1088 a. Pesce v. Board of Review 1088 b. Amador v. Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board 1094 c. Sauerland v. Florida Unemployment Ins. Appeals Comm . 1099 G. Continuing Eligibility 1104 1. Availability 1104 a. Petty v. University of Delaware 1104 2. Suitable Work 1108 a. Lester v. Department of Employment Security 1108 IV. Retirement A. Mandatory Retirement and Age Discrimination in Retiree Benefits Plans 1123 1. Mandatory Retirement 1124 2. Age Discrimination in Employee Benefits Plans 1127 a. Solon v. Gary Comm. School Corp . 1127 b. Carr v. Armstrong Air Conditioning, Inc . (Case Supplement) 3. Private Pensions 1134 a. Munnell, The Economics of Private Pensions 1134 b. ERISA 1137 c. The ERISA Scheme 1141 4. Fiduciary Duties under ERISA 1148 a. Varity Corp. v. Howe 1149 5. Arbitrary and Capricious Decisions by Pension Fund Trustees 1158 a. Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. v. Bruch Case Supplement Below 6. Federal Preemption of State Laws 1162 7. Pension Plan Termination 1163 a. Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp. v. LTV Corp . 1164 8. Discrimination in Private Pensions 1169 a. City of Los Angeles v. Manhart 1169
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