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Hungrarian officials must be allowed to participate

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Hungrarian officials must be allowed to participate in the trials of those accused in the assassination. They accepted the first three. They rejected the last one, but offered to submit it to the International Court at The Hague. This started war when it the agreement expired. F. Mobilization of Europe 1. Russia supported the Serbia by moving troops toward the border with Austria- Hungary 2. Germany supported the Austria-Hungary by mobilizing its troop to the border of Germany. 3. On August 1, 1914 Germany declared war on Russia and declared war on France two days later. Belgium became very important in this war. 4. Great Britain declared war on Germany on August 4,1914 G. The War Expands 1. Japan declared war on the side of Great Britain and France. 2. Italy became neutral until they sign a secret treaty with Great Britain, and Russia. 3. Meanwhile, Germany added Ottoman Empire on their side along with Austria- Hungary. 4. They used Ottoman Turks used a strategic position to keep Russia bottle up in the Black Sea. 5. Germany persuaded Bulgaria to join their side in October 1915.
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