People use self presentation tactics like ingratiation and self enhancement

People use self presentation tactics like

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the internet, and how is it similar and different versus face-to-face interactions? People use self-presentation tactics like ingratiation and self-enhancement over the internet by posting specific things for others to see or saying specific things to get others attention. It’s an effort to shape others impressions to gain sympathy, approval, power, or influence. It’s similar to face-to-face interactions because these tactics all have a strategic goal to present oneself to others in a way that we perceive ourselves. They are different from face-to-face interactions because online gives you more power and more confidence to lie all you want without truly showing who you are while face-to-face might be more intimidating and confrontational. 4. If true experiments are the “gold standard,” what is the value of pre-experimental and quasi-experimental designs? True experiments are the “gold standard,” but when true experiments are not possible researchers turn to quasi-experimental designs. Quasi-experimental designs are similar to true experiments, but they do not have random assignment. They are convenient for real-world research but when both True and Quasi experiments are not possible researchers turn to Pre-
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