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Like p2 what does importance mean one could reason

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important than university professors. Like P2 - what does “importance” mean? One could reason that without a university education, citizens may have less success in employment - couldn’t this lead to an opposing argument: that university education, while based on elementary teachings, is more important overall? P2 + C1 are relevant to the MC. C2: If by basic skills, the arguer means that elementary learning gives students foundational skills - and it would seem that this is what the author intends - then this seems acceptable based on common knowledge. P3: This premise is acceptable based on common knowledge too. Engaging in university studies requires high school learning, which requires elementary school learning. C2 + P3 are relevant to C1. P4: Provisionally acceptable. Also, it would be helpful to know what types of “educators” agree on this. P4 is relevant to C2. This argument has some merit in that the arguer does at least demonstrate that the work of elementary school teachers is valuable to society. It’s not enough to prove that they should be paid more than university professors though. What’s missing is any information and rationale on the work of professors, what they contribute, why it is less important, etc.
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