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The amount of use of palm oil by the society in very

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shocking. The amount of use of palm oil by the society in very interesting in how the production reduces rainforests and peat lands in Southeast Asia. Paul Roberts explains the importance of understanding the amount of feed needed in producing the total amount of edible meat for beef, pork, and chicken. Pollan’s essay draws the reading into making a collective effort in changing climate warming through personal choices. As a child growing up in Pennsylvania my family always grew a garden and enjoys hunting in the winter. I can also attest to the fact 90% of the community lives the same lifestyle. When I returned last year to visit family and friends it was easily determined growing gardens and hunting was a thing of the past. Globalization and the economy have influenced decisions for purchasing foods and nonorganic items from wholesalers and markets. These changes are only in one small community in America, I can only imagine how the rest of the world has changed over time. I have also witnessed first-hand how military operations effect climate change for the lack of concern in how the mission is conducted and completed.
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